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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Legal Fees In Texas

Why should you hire a divorce attorney? Can’t you learn what you need to know online and download all of the forms you need for free? Yes, you can download blank forms, but “what you need to know” about divorce law in Texas can’t be learned in a day or a week, and without adequate legal representation, you could lose a lot more than an attorney’s fee in a Texas divorce proceeding.

If you have children, if you own real estate or a business, if you’re in debt, or if you have a pension or retirement savings, any mistake in the divorce paperwork could be catastrophic. A divorce shouldn’t mean losing your home, going into bankruptcy or losing custody of your child or children. Your divorce lawyer’s job is to protect your interests and to make certain that you are treated fairly and equitably, that your rights are safeguarded and that your divorce settlement allows you to move ahead with your life in a positive, constructive way.

Let an experienced Texas divorce lawyer at Williamson Law Firm work with you to complete your divorce quickly and efficiently on your behalf. For over 25 years, our lawyers have represented divorce clients and their children in Dallas, Plano, Addison and throughout the North Texas region.

Divorce Law

The decision to end a marriage is not easy. We ensure that clients are treated fairly and justly in the divorce process.

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Why Should You Choose The Divorce Lawyers At The Williamson Law Firm?

We are an award-winning firm recognized by the North Texas legal community — and by our clients — as one of the leading family law firms.

If you are filing a divorce, a top Dallas divorce lawyer with Williamson Law Firm can offer you sound legal advice and hardworking legal representation.
At your first consultation with your divorce attorney, it is imperative to tell the truth and to tell the complete story. What you tell your attorney is privileged and will never be disclosed. No matter what has happened, if you fail to tell your attorney, and the matter comes up during your divorce proceeding, your attorney may be unprepared, your case may be damaged.

What Is The Least Expensive Way To Divorce In Texas?

Every couple and every divorce are different, so it’s impossible to cite precise figures, but the least expensive is divorce is an uncontested divorce where the divorcing spouses have no significant disagreements regarding children, the division of property and assets or alimony payments. The more divorcing spouses disagree upon, the more a divorce costs. The most important factor in determining the cost of your divorce is your attorney’s time, and disputes between divorcing spouses take time to resolve.

The expense of a divorce is difficult to estimate because so many factors come into play, but if your divorce ends with a trial because the divorcing partners cannot agree upon anything, it can get expensive, and if the finances are complicated by investments, businesses and multiple real estate holdings, a divorce trial can be even more costly.
Compromising where you can and working out as much as possible with your spouse is the only way to lower the cost of a Texas divorce. If everything is disputed, the expense can add up swiftly.

Almost all Texas divorce lawyers will work with their clients regarding the cost of divorce, and most divorce lawyers can offer you several types of payment options. There is simply no way to know in advance the final, precise amount that a divorce will cost in our state, but in many cases, on of our experienced divorce lawyer in Dallas, Texas, can give you a good estimate of the cost very early in the process.

Can A Judge Order Your Spouse To Pay Your Attorney Fees In Texas?

At the end of the divorce proceeding, your spouse may ask you to pay the fees for his or her divorce attorney. This can be a considerable amount. If one spouse is unable to pay for a divorce attorney, it is possible for a Texas court to order one spouse to pay the other’s retainer fee for an attorney. Generally, such an order will be issued by the court only in cases where a couple’s finances are completely out of line and out of balance. If you need to have your spouse pay for your divorce attorney, we will file a request to that effect with the court.

Under the Texas Family Code, divorce attorney fees are one factor the court may consider when it conducts a “just and right” division of the jointly-owned marital property and assets. The law in Texas specifically states that the court can award reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses if such action is necessary to level the playing field and ensure fairness in a Texas divorce proceeding. However, in the overwhelming majority of Texas divorce cases, a judge will not require your spouse to pay your attorney fees, and you will not be asked to pay attorney fees for your spouse.

Talk First With A Skilled Divorce Attorney At The Williamson Law Firm

One last suggestion: Whenever there’s a need, some clever person pops up with a way to meet that need. So, in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of “divorce loan” lenders who will loan you funds for attorney fees, living expenses and even for expert witnesses in your divorce. The lender is repaid from your divorce award or settlement. However, you really should speak first with your attorney before you take out a divorce loan because there is almost certainly a better way to pay for your divorce.

If you are divorcing in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Addison or anywhere in North Texas, a Dallas divorce lawyer at Williamson Law Firm can answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns and bring your divorce proceeding to its best possible conclusion. You can speak with a divorce attorney from our law firm by calling us at 469-385-3305, or you can use the contact form here on our website to arrange a personal consultation.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The State Of Texas?

It all depends on how complicated your divorce is. If you own multiple properties, several vehicles, investments, a business, and you have several children, your divorce is going to cost more than it would cost a childless couple who rent an apartment and own one car. If child custody is contested in your divorce, you’ll pay even more.