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Christians and Divorce

What biblical grounds are there for divorce in the face of emotional, financial, sometimes physical and spiritual abuse?

How Is A Primary Caretaker Determined?

If you are a parent in the state of Texas and you are divorcing or expecting to divorce, the court decides who is your child's primary caretaker is.

Divorces Affected By The New Tax Plan

The new income tax changes approved in December will have an enormous impact on couples who are divorcing in Texas.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The State Of Texas?

In the state of Texas, if you are considering a divorce – or if your spouse decides on a divorce – what's it going to cost you?

Child Support From A Parent Who Is Not Paying

When parents divorce, it's natural for them to worry about the future of their children.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents can play a key role in a child's life, but grandparents far too often are pushed out of the lives of their grandchildren.

The Adoption Process In Texas

Adoption can be among the most joyful events that families can experience together.

Ending A Common Law Marriage In Texas

It is not difficult for a couple to get married in the state of Texas. Marriage license applicants must be at least 16 years old.

Common Questions About Divorce In Texas

No divorce is ever easy or comfortable. Watching your hopes and dreams collapse can be devastating emotionally.