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Lawyer Helping Texas Families Pursue Adoptions

At Williamson Law Firm, PLLC, we are family law attorneys who are dedicated to finding the legal solutions that are best for families and children. The adoption process can be a challenging and complex journey for any couple, filled with legal obstacles and endless lists of requirements and regulations. Our skilled Texas adoption attorneys help families overcome the obstacles and finally realize their adoption dreams.

Whether you are seeking a domestic or an international adoption, or if you want to adopt a stepchild or a child who is a relative, an experienced Dallas adoption lawyer at Williamson Law Firm can answer your adoption questions and address all your legal concerns. We will protect your family’s legal rights, guide you through the adoption process and make certain that you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the adoption.

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Precisely How Does Texas Law Define Adoption?

How is the term “adoption” defined legally? Adoption is the legal procedure where an adult officially and fully assumes parenting responsibilities for a child from the child’s biological or legal parent or parents. Adoption is permanent. A Dallas adoption attorney at Williamson Law Firm, PLLC, can explain how the adoption process works and help you to become an adoptive parent with as little legal difficulty as possible. When you adopt a child and become a legal parent in the state of Texas, you have the right to make decisions regarding your child’s health, education and overall well-being. You are also financially obligated to support the child. If your family adopts a child, both partners become legal parents and become responsible for the child’s health, education and well-being. Even if you and your spouse separate or divorce in the future, your legal obligation to an adopted child does not conclude until the child reaches adulthood.

Are There Different Types Of Adoption In Dallas, Texas?

There are a number of ways to adopt a child in Texas, but adoption is not easy in this state, so it’s vital to have an experienced Texas adoption lawyer’s services and legal advice from the start. An adoption attorney can explain your family’s options and help you determine the best path to take to reach your family’s specific adoption goal. As family law attorneys who routinely handle divorces and related family disputes, helping couples make their adoption dreams come true is one of the most gratifying aspects of our practice. The attorneys at Williamson Law Firm are happy to help prospective adoptive parents overcome the unexpected challenges that inevitably arise during adoption proceedings.

Adoption attorneys at our law firm handle adoptions that include:

Open Adoptions

In an open adoption, communications remain open between the adoptive parents, the biological parent or parents, and the child. It is imperative for couples to understand the potential ramifications of open adoption and to develop the adoption agreement that works best for your own family.

Domestic Adoptions

We help families that seek to adopt children through local and state adoption agencies to complete all the required steps, including home studies and evaluations.

Closed Adoptions

Closed adoptions legally and permanently seal all adoption records and legally prevent a biological parent from establishing contact, maintaining contact or interfering in any way with the adoptive parents or with the child.

International Adoptions

International adoption is often a quite costly and time-consuming legal proceeding. Our goal at Williamson Law Firm is to help couples understand and comply with Texas requirements as well as the home country’s adoption laws. We work hard to make a difficult process as smooth as possible to ensure the right outcome.

Adoption After A Termination Of Parental Rights

In the event when one or both biological parents are unable to care or provide for a child, a Texas court may terminate parental rights and allow the adoption of the child by another family member or by a third party.

Stepparent Adoptions

Texas requires the legal termination of the noncustodial, biological parent’s rights prior to a stepparent adoption. Our attorneys have experience litigating termination of parental rights and collecting evidentiary support on behalf of the adopting stepparent. Texas courts want to be certain that any adoption is in the best long-term interests of the child.

Private Adoptions

Adoptions that are not conducted through public adoption agencies may be arranged through direct communication with a biological parent seeking an adoptive family for a child. Private adoptions require an increased level of scrutiny and legal protection to ensure that prospective parents are protected, that proper procedures are adhered to and that Texas adoption rules are followed to the letter and satisfied.

We Provide Compassionate Guidance At Every Stage Of The Adoption Journey

Our adoption attorneys have more than a quarter of a century of family law experience and that experience has provided us with a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of international adoption regulations as well as the adoption laws here in our own state of Texas. If you encounter any legal obstacle in the adoption process, we are confident that we can find the solution that’s best for you and your family.
Whether you are merely considering the adoption process, or if your family is prepared right now to initiate an adoption proceeding, an experienced Dallas adoption lawyer at Williamson Law Firm can help. Call our law offices at 469-385-3305 or fill out the contact form here on our website and put our adoption experience to work for your family.