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What You Need To Know About Child Support

When parents divorce, a legal child support arrangement must be created and enforced to ensure that the couple’s child or children continue to be cared for properly. At Williamson Law Firm, our experienced Texas child support lawyers are exclusively focused on helping families prevail over difficult legal challenges. When a parent needs to establish, enforce or modify a child support order, Williamson Law Firm will make certain that any child support dispute is fairly and justly resolved.

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What Are The Texas Child Support Guidelines?

After most divorces, the noncustodial parent is typically ordered by the court to make child support payments. The first step in determining a fair and equitable child support payment amount is an assessment of the noncustodial parent’s net resources, including:

  • All wage and salary income, including self-employment income and severance pay
  • All income from interest, dividends and royalties
  • Net rental income
  • Retirement benefits and pensions
  • Modification to the court-ordered custody arrangement
  • Unemployment and workers’ compensation benefits

When the noncustodial parent’s net resources are combined and calculated, that parent must pay to the custodial parent a percentage of his or her resources based on the number of children involved. There are rare exceptions when a court may consider other factors to determine whether adherence to the guidelines is inappropriate or unjust in a particular case.

Is It Possible To Resolve Conflicts Through Mediation And Litigation?

More often than most people might think, ex-spouses can resolve their family law conflicts outside of the courtroom through mediation. Mediation provides an effective, confidential venue for openly discussing and resolving family conflicts.

Because we understand the financial and emotional costs of a trial, at Williamson Law Firm, we always work to negotiate out-of-court settlements of child support disputes — when it’s possible. We’ve helped scores of families resolve child support and visitation disputes in a nonadversarial, mutually satisfying manner. However, when parents cannot reach an agreement outside the courtroom through mediation, our child support attorneys are always prepared to litigate a child support matter aggressively inside the courtroom.

How Do I Modify And Enforce Child Support Orders?

Over time, one or both parents may experience a substantial change in life circumstances that may affect a parent’s ability to comply with an established child support order. These could include:

  • One or both parents have lost a job, taken a new job or need to relocate.
  • One or both parents have been jailed or imprisoned.
  • One or both parents have remarried and/or become the parent of a new child.
  • The amount of time the child spends with one or both parents has significantly changed.
  • The child’s care, educational or medical needs have changed.
  • Any factor arises that significantly impacts the child or the child support order.

If a parent is unable to comply or intentionally fails to comply with the conditions of court-ordered child support, the court may garner wages until the arrears are satisfied. A noncompliant parent may face contempt of court charges and penalties, including fines and even time in jail.

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Child support disputes can become highly charged emotionally, but the seasoned family law attorneys at Williamson Law Firm are ready to help. Obtain the help you need by arranging to speak promptly with an experienced Dallas child support lawyer at Williamson Law Firm. To schedule a meeting, call us at 469-385-3305 or complete the online contact form here on our website.