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More Than 25 Years Of Helping Couples With Divorce

When someone decides to leave their marriage, it is almost never an easy choice. It’s a decision made only after a long period of difficult personal and emotional conflicts. If you choose to divorce, you will not only need a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer who can get the job done right, but you’ll also need a lawyer who will be sensitive and understanding through every stage of the divorce process.

At Williamson Law Firm, an experienced Dallas divorce lawyer will understand the private and sensitive issues that a couple must resolve during a divorce procedure. We have substantial experience in resolving divorces and divorce-related disputes through both mediation and litigation. We successfully resolve family law matters on behalf of families, parents and their children across North Texas, and we’ve been helping families here for more than a quarter of a century.

At-Fault And No-Fault Divorce: What To Know

The law in Texas allows for both “fault” and “no-fault” divorce.

  • Fault-based divorce may include adultery, cruelty, a felony conviction, abandonment or confinement to a mental institution.
  • In a no-fault divorce, however, the court does not need to assign fault to either spouse. Instead, Texas no-fault divorce papers spell out that the marriage has become “insupportable due to conflict between the parties and that there is no reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

We Can Help You Divide Property And Assets

Often, the major stumbling block when spouses are negotiating a divorce settlement is the distribution of property and assets. In most instances, what’s considered marital property is the property acquired during the marriage, while separate property is any property which was acquired by gift, inheritance or by ownership prior to the marriage.

However, in a Texas divorce, there may be several exceptions to these general rules. At Williamson Law Firm, our divorce attorneys can handle the division of complex assets, including the division of retirement funds and the division of pensions.

We Will Help You Negotiate Or Go To Trial

Negotiations conducted away from a courtroom can often expedite the divorce process. A negotiated divorce usually requires less time and expense than a contested divorce that goes to trial. If the spouses can agree to an out-of-court settlement of their differences through negotiations and mediation, a Texas court can enter a final decree of divorce 60 days after the initial filing.

However, if the divorcing spouses cannot reach an agreement, the divorce will move to a trial phase where the remaining matters in dispute will be decided by a judge or by a jury. In Texas, contested divorces can drag on — sometimes for months. Our lawyers can represent you at trial, fighting aggressively for your rights.

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You Are Not Alone. Get Help In Your Divorce.

You don’t have to go through a divorce on your own. At the Williamson Law Firm, experienced divorce lawyers provide the highest level of legal support to help our clients prevail over the most daunting divorce challenges. Call us at 469-385-3305 or use the contact form here on our website to arrange a personal consultation.