How to successfully handle life after divorce

By Williamson Law Firm, PLLC on December 23, 2019 • Firm News

There is a lot of stress and emotions that accompany a divorce, and thinking about life afterwards can be challenging for many couples in Texas. People who plan ahead and look at divorced life as an opportunity to design a new life tend to be more successful and happier.

According to Forbes, a decline in cash flow is one of the biggest hurdles most newly-divorced people must deal with. Whether one is paying child or spousal support, or someone is just starting out in the workforce again, there is often not enough money to maintain previous lifestyles.

During the divorce process, each partner should make out a new post-divorce budget based on projected cash flow. Those who spend within their means, fund savings accounts and focus on paying off debt will see this hard work pay off down the road. Everyone should also plan for retirement and focus on funding investment accounts.

Along with being financially responsible, newly divorced people should focus on their mental health. According to WebMD, it is healthy and good to mourn after a divorce, and that working through these feelings is important in order to move on. After the mourning period, people can begin to re-imagine what life can be. This may include rediscovering past activities and hobbies or trying brand new ones.

Post-divorce is a time to try out new, but healthy, lifestyle changes. It may be as simple as changing a haircut or taking up a new sport, or it may be more extreme like moving to a new city or changing careers. The goal is to try new things and learn from mistakes along the way.

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