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Mark Rush Williamson, Your Dallas Lawyer

Williamson Law Firm works hard to bring every matter of family law that we handle to a just and proper conclusion. Due to the complex and sensitive nature of family law, when you need a family law attorney, you must have someone who can appreciate and empathize with your concerns while offering the frank and honest legal advice you need. That attorney is Mark Rush Williamson.

Texas family lawyer Mark Rush Williamson is the founding partner of Williamson Law Firm, with offices on North Dallas Parkway in Addison. Mark has practiced law in Texas for over three decades – since 1985 – and he’s successfully handled hundreds of cases on behalf of Texas families. Attorney Mark Rush Williamson has more than a quarter-century of trial experience with a particular focus on advocating for the best interests of children. He’s a father, too.

Williamson Law Firm is proudly focused to offer you hope in the legal chaos.

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