Museums Near Addison, Texas

Cavanaugh Flight Museum If you travel to Addison, this is a museum you must see and more!

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Cavanaugh Flight Museum

If you travel to Addison, this is a museum you must see. Whether you go for a formal tour or self-guided tour through the exhibits, you will soon discover Cavanaugh is unlike any other aviation museum.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum also supports aviation studies. They do their part by restoring, operating, and displaying vintage aircraft. They only collect aircraft of historical value. They also collect various items and materials related to flight and its rich history.

On display, you will see exhibits, aircraft, armor, and vehicles. But do not stop there. Take a ride over North Dallas in one of the varieties of planes dubbed “warbirds.”

Heritage Farmstead Museum

Just about 15 miles from Addison is a museum that is visited by thousands of people annually. It is called the Heritage Farmstead Museum. This unique museum is a 4-acre farmstead with original homes and buildings that date back more than 100 years.

You will see an authentic Victorian home and a one-room school house. Watch working animals do their part in making the community thrive. The guides are also dressed in vintage attire. This is an educational, family museum that everyone will enjoy visiting.

Mary Kay Museum

The Mary Kay Museum in Addison is located within the beautiful thirteen-story, Mary Kay Headquarters. Mary Kay opened the museum to celebrate her 30th anniversary in the cosmetics industry. The building has thirteen elevators, several restaurants, and a fitness center and health clinic for its employees.

Look at the collections and history of this corporate superstar. See how much trends have changed. See the exhibits and walk through Addison history with your tour guide.

The Museum of Biblical Art

This museum is unlike any other. It exhibits Biblically-themes art and collections of Christian and Jewish art. Every year more than 50,000 people tour this beautiful museum. After a fire in 2005, the museum was forced to close, and remodel. Its founders have done it justice with the new, elegant, and tasteful facility. The museum consists of 11 galleries, a house art conservation laboratory, and the Via Dolorosa Sculpture Garden.

The current exhibits for 2017 are Voice by Chong Chu and Linda Stein’s Holocaust Heroes Exhibit. The Museum of Biblical Art is about education and beauty. Visitors of all beliefs and cultures are welcome. This museum consistently is listed on the best 10 museums in the Dallas/Addison area.

It is worth noting that Dallas is home to two other Holocaust museums. They are The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Dallas Holocaust Center.

The area of Addison and North Dallas has a rich history and a diverse community celebrated in the various museums in the areas. There is no doubt that there are museums that will suit your interest. For a complete list of the museums in the Addison and North Dallas area, we encourage you to continue your research and visit exhibits that you and your group will enjoy.