We all live busy lives with hectic schedules. Sometimes the stress of working and taking care of our homes and families makes relaxing impossible after a long day or week.

When we have free time, the best way to unwind is grabbing a cooler, some sporting equipment, and heading to the park.

Whether we are throwing a football with some friends or taking the kids on a hike, we need nice parks with green grass and open spaces to have some fun.

Addison, Texas has 14 parks you should visit. They have state of the art parks, historical parks, and parks with hiking and biking trails. Let’s look at some of the parks you will find in the Addison area.

Addison Circle

Addison Circle Park is a 10-acre city park surrounded by high-rises in Addison. It is a favorite for locals and visitors. One of the most impressive things about this park is the water features. There are breathtaking fountains, and interactive fountains are in place, but under construction.

You can walk the trails, ride your bike, or just sunbathe on the grass. There are food and drinks available and plenty of benches and clean restrooms.

Special features:

  • Pavilion
  • Stages (2)
  • Annual special events
    • Addison’s Taste – Addison
    • Kaboom Town
    • Oktoberfest

There is something for everyone, so plan to spend some time there.

Les Lacs Park

If you are looking for an urban park that is well-kept and quiet with plenty of places for the kids to play, check out Les Lacs Park. It is far enough away from traffic to create a quiet and peaceful setting. They take great effort in keeping it manicured and in good repair.

The city has recently upgraded the park with new playground equipment and a covered pavilion. There is plenty of shade, and the walkways/trails are paved.

This park pulls in a very high public rating and wonderful reviews.

Celestial Park

Celestial Park continually pulls in a 4.5 – 5-star rating. It is a 4-acre neighborhood park in a great neighborhood. You will find this park quiet and a bit secluded.

A favorite feature of the park is a giant stylized sundial clock that tells time accurately. The path leading to the clock are carved stones with inspirational sayings by some of the most inspiring people in the world.

There are playgrounds for the children and lots of shade, and you are welcome to bring your dog.

Beckert Park

Beckert Park is open space and a haven for folks who need a green area in which to relax. They are dog-friendly with a dog fountain, trails, and doggy dispensers. They often have public concerts, and during the summer nights, they show free movies.

These examples show you how many different parks there are to visit in Addison, TX. If you are looking for somewhere to spend time with friends and enjoy some shows, or if you want to take your dog out for exercise and play with the kids, you will find it in Addison.